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Trust Home Choice is a choice based lettings service that offers homes to rent in the Cheshire West and Chester area.

More Information

We advertise and allocate our stock in the Cheshire West and Chester area through the Trust Home Choice service.

Once your registration has been accepted you will be able to “express an interest” (bid) on any properties suitable to your circumstances.


Trust Home Choice operates an open register and will accept all people regardless of their housing need or whether they are from outside the Cheshire West and Chester area, subject to them meeting the eligibility criteria.


  • They are a person under 16 years old
  • They are someone who is ineligible due to their immigration status.
  • They a member of their household were found guilty, within the last two years of unacceptable behaviour serious enough to make them, at the time of their application, an unsuitable tenant. Unacceptable behaviour is where a housing provider would have been entitled to an outright possession order had this person been a secure tenant at the time.


Applying to the scheme

Every customer must be registered on the scheme to access properties.

Although Trust Home Choice is a web based system, customers can request assistance in registering.

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What happens once I apply?

Once accepted onto the Trust Home Choice system customers will be placed in one of the following 5 bands in accordance with the Trust Home Choice common policy;

  • Band  A  -  Urgent housing need
  • Band  B  -  High housing need
  • Band  C  -  Medium housing need
  • Band  D  -  Low  housing need /reduced priority
  • Band  E  -  No identified housing need

Full details on the scheme can be found on the Trust Home Choice website.

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Contact Information

Trust Home Choice -  0808 1007701    

To apply please go to www.trusthomechoice.co.uk


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