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 Your Tung Sing has some 650 homes in the Manchester and surrounding areas.

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Your Tung Sing provides homes for rent, and culturally sensitive services, to persons in housing need. Anyone can apply for housing and all applications are treated equally regardless of marital status, race, ethnic origin, disability, nationality, gender, sexuality, age, class, appearance, religion, responsibility for dependants, unrelated criminal activities, being HIV positive or with AIDS, or any other matter which causes a person to be treated with injustice

Your Tung Sing provides housing for a wide range of groups including the elderly, single people, couples and families. Whilst originally established to meet the housing needs of the Chinese community, it now houses people from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds, including white British

Persons under the age of 18, and over 16, can apply for housing as long as certain criteria are met, for example there is appropriate support in place and a guarantor.

Applying to the scheme

Your Tung Sing moved to using Manchester Move choice based lettings system in August 2014.

Every customer must complete an online application form in order to use the service.

Manchester Move is an online based system

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What happens once I apply?

Once accepted onto the Manchester Move service customers will be placed in one of the following 6 bands in accordance with the Manchester City Council policy;

  • Band 1  -  Urgent need to move
  • Bands 2 and 3  -  Specific need to move for example serious medical condition
  • Bands 4 and 5  -  Want to move but have no specific need or lower need than those in bands 1,2,3
  • Band 6  -  People with reduced priority within the scheme

Applicants can apply for extra priority if they meet the following criteria

  • They are a working household
  • They can pass Manchester's " community contribution" test
  • They are a young person with a pre-tenancy qualification

Full details on the scheme can be found on the Manchester Homefinder website.

Every customer must complete an application form to access the scheme

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Nominations To Local Authorities

Approximately  half of Your Tung Sing  vacant properties are given up to nominations made by Manchester City Council for people on Manchester 's housing register.

To maximise your chances of being offered a Your Tung Sing home you  may also wish to register with Manchester City Council by telephoning 0333 9009032 or registering online at Manchester Move .You can specify that you want to be considered for Tung Sing properties when you complete their application.

Contact Information

To apply please go to www.manchestermove.co.uk or call them on 0333 9009032

Alternately if you have any queries about the recent changes to choice based lettings telephone Your Response on 0345 345 0272.

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