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Property Pool Plus


Property Pool Plus is a scheme for letting the majority of social rented property in Merseyside and Halton. It is a partnership between 5 local authorities and 22 social housing providers. 

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Property Pool Plus operates an open register and will accept anyone aged 16 years or over.


  • They are a person from abroad and have been classed by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local government as ineligible for housing.
  • They or a member of their household is guilty of unacceptable behaviour serious enough to make them an unsuitable tenant.

Note: Applicants aged 16 or 17 years may register on Property Pool Plus but will not normally be offered a tenancy before they reach 18 years of age. If a pressing need to house such individuals is established by either the Housing Options Service or Children and Young People’s Service, the Scheme Landlord may require a rent guarantor and a support plan.


Applying to the scheme

Every customer must complete an application form to access the scheme

Property Pool Plus is a web based system, however customers do not have to have a computer to use the scheme, alternative methods of applying and bidding are:

  • Call 0300 777 3022. This supports multiple languages if English is not your first language.
  • Text to 07537 402 602 (Type your membership number [space] memorable date [space] property reference number (e.g. 1234567 01/01/1971 101). Text bids will be charged at your normal network rate).
  • Use your TV if you are a Virgin Media or Sky subscriber. Go to Community Channel 233 for Virgin Media or Community Channel 539 if you are a Sky subscriber.
  • Visit your Scheme Partner office or council One Stop Shop
  • Telephone your Administering Scheme Partner’s Customer Access Centre who can place a bid on your behalf.


What happens once I apply?

Once accepted onto the Property Pool Plus register customer will be placed in one of the following 6 bands:

Band A  -  Urgent Priority

Band B  -  High Priority

Band C  -  Medium Priority

Band D  -  Low Priority

Band E  -  No Priority

Band F  -  Reduced Priority (due to unacceptable behavior)

Full details of the scheme can be found on the Property Pool Plus Website.

Contact Information

To apply please go to www.propertypoolplus.org.uk or call 0300 777 3022

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