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About Your Housing Group

Your Housing Group is a not-for-profit registered housing provider with over 18,000 affordable, high quality homes supported by excellent neighbourhood services. Our expertise enables us to work with communities to deliver a wide-range of local services to people with different needs in a friendly and professional manner.

Our main focus is our residents and customers – building communities and regenerating neighbourhoods so people can be proud of their homes and the places where they live.

We are partners and  leaders in the provision of a wide range of diverse products including social rented housing, traditional affordable housing for low cost home ownership, market-rent housing, housing PFI schemes, Extra Care for older people and staff accommodation for NHS Trusts.

Our Vision "Turning homes and neighbourhoods into places where people want to live and choose to stay. Our values show how we will behave and our key business objectives underpin our commitment to improving our services to customers".

Our Values:

  • Respect and fairness.
  • Positive attitude and actions.
  • The potential of individuals to make a contribution.
  • Delivering first-rate outcomes.
  • Working with others where together we can achieve more.
  • Getting the best out of all available resources.

Our Key Business Objectives:

  • The performance that we achieve for our customers demonstrates that we a high performing, high achieving organisation
  • Improving our homes and property services to meet our customers' aspirations by investing effectively and wisely
  • We will enhance our customers' ability and opportunity to live independently
  • Grow profitable products which enhance our ability to impact existing and new neighbourhoods
    - target 30 000 homes
  • Demonstrate effective leadership and commitment to develop our people
  • Effectively manage our financial capacity and performance

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